Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District - Using JT Dryers since 2010

Low Cost Air Dryers for 2 Stage Compressors

Automatic Electronic Drain

Add Automatic Drain +$69.00

Victory CNC Plasma Systems - Recommends JT Dryers to protect their CNC Plasma Systems
JT Katz Midas - Dryers installed in 24 Katz Midas Shops since 2016

Remove Water from Compressed Air

JT-20 Dryer:     $389.00

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For 3 to 5 HP Two-Stage Air Compressors

JT Series Dryers are an Ideal Choice for your Applications

Compass Natural Gas - Uses JT Dryers for Systems and Trucks

•  Automated Equipment
•  Pneumatic Sorting
•  Filter Clearing
•  Manufacturing Plants
•  Dust Off Operations
•  Pneumatic Controls
•  Home Workshops
•  Farm Shops
•  Off-Shore Operations
•  Dental Labs
•  Chemical Plants
•  Process Equipment
•  Food Packaging

80 SCFM JT Series Compressed Air Dryer

Add an Automatic Drain  +$69.00

● Why Only Two-Stage Air Compressors?
Two-stage compressors are designed to
    operate at the high pressures that JT
    Dryers work best at. Single stage air com-
    pressors cannot achieve these pressures.

● Why are they Better than Water Traps?
   Water Traps for compressed air remove only
    liquid water. JT Dryers remove water vapor as
    well, for truly dry air.

● Why do JT Dryers Cost Less?
They are far simpler than FREON based units
    and, therefore, less expensive to manufacture.

● What Size JT Dryer do I need?
The recommended sizes are shown in the Dryer
    product boxes above

● How Easy are They to Install?
Anyone with even modest mechanical skills can
   easily install one of these dryers.  They come
   with complete installation guide.  Just follow the

JT Series Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers are Made in the USA from US and international components

40 SCFM JT Series Compressed Air Dryer

JT-40 Dryer:      $689.00

For 11 to 20 HP Two-Stage Air Compressors

Add Automatic Drain +$69.00

Alta Brewing Company - Using JT Dryers throughout their Brewery

•  Low Cost
•  5 Year Limited Warranty
•  Clean Dry Compressed Air Made Easy
•  Designed for Two-Stage Air Compressors
•  Removes the Water from your Compressed Air Lines
•  Protects your Piping and Air Tools.
•  Freon Free
•  Easy Installation
•  Zero Maintenance
•  No Filters or Desiccants to Change
•  Install It and Forget It
•  Lasts Up to 25 Years
•  Environmentally Friendly
•  Also Available on and

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Automatic Electronic Drain

Whites Energy Services - Over 60 JT Dryers in Day-to-day Operation

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Tomball Ford - Using JT Dryers in their Service Department

Automatic Electronic Drain

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        with JT Series Refrigerated Dryers

20 SCFM JT Series Compressed Air Dryer

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A Better Way to Dry Compressed Air  -  No Freon  -  No Maintenance  -  No Hassle

TAMU Accelerator Physics Group - JT Dryer used in their High Field Magnet Program

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Affordable Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers for 2-Stage Compressors 3 - 30 HP

*All 50 US States

JT-80 Dryer:    $997.00

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JT-120 Dryer:$1389.00

For 21 to 30 HP Two-Stage Air Compressors

For 6 to 10 HP Two-Stage Air Compressors

Frequently Asked Questions

Automatic Electronic Drain

120 SCFM JT Series

Compressed Air Dryer

JT Series Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers

•  2 Stage Air Compressors
•  Auto Repair Shops
•  Body Shops
•  Plasma Cutters
•  CNC Machines
•  Powder Coating
•  Machine Shops
•  Service Trucks
•  Dry Cleaners
•  Paint Shops
•  Water Jet Cutting
•  Sand Blasting
•  HVAC Systems

Add Automatic Drain+$69.00

Add an Optional