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Victory CNC Plasma Systems - Recommends JT Dryers to protect their CNC Plasma Systems
JT Series Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers are Made in the USA from US and international components

For 3 to 5 HP Two-Stage Air Compressors

JT-120 Dryer:$1389.00

Automatic Electronic Drain


Add Automatic Drain +$69.00

•  2 Stage Air Compressors
•  Auto Repair Shops
•  Body Shops
•  Plasma Cutters
•  CNC Machines
•  Powder Coating
•  Machine Shops
•  Service Trucks
•  Dry Cleaners
•  Paint Shops
•  Water Jet Cutting
•  Sand Blasting
•  HVAC Systems

40 SCFM JT Series Refrigerated Air Dryer

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Automatic Electronic Drain

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JT Katz Midas - Dryers installed in 24 Katz Midas Shops since 2016

Refrigerated Air Dryer

A Better Way to Dry Compressed Air  -  No Freon  -  No Maintenance  -  No Hassle

Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District - Using JT Dryers since 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

80 SCFM JT Series Refrigerated Air Dryer

For 21 to 30 HP Two-Stage Air Compressors

Alta Brewing Company - Using JT Dryers throughout their Brewery
Tomball Ford - Using JT Dryers in their Service Department

Automatic Electronic Drain

JT Series Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers

TAMU Accelerator Physics Group - JT Dryer used in their High Field Magnet Program

For 11 to 20 HP Two-Stage Air Compressors

Affordable Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers for 2-Stage Compressors 3 - 30 HP

Compass Natural Gas - Uses JT Dryers for Systems and Trucks

Low Cost Air Dryers for 2 Stage Compressors

120 SCFM JT Series

Add Automatic Drain  +$69.00

Add Automatic Drain +$69.00

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JT Series Dryers are an Ideal Choice for your Applications

*All 50 US States


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JT-40 Dryer    $689.00

Automatic Electronic Drain

•  Automated Equipment
•  Pneumatic Sorting
•  Filter Clearing
•  Manufacturing Plants
•  Dust Off Operations
•  Pneumatic Controls
•  Home Workshops
•  Farm Shops
•  Off-Shore Operations
•  Dental Labs
•  Chemical Plants
•  Process Equipment
•  Food Packaging

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● Why Only Two-Stage Air Compressors?
Two-stage compressors are designed to
    operate at the high pressures that JT
    Dryers work best at. Single stage air com-
    pressors cannot achieve these pressures.

● Do These Dryers Really Work?
Yes! JT Dryers produce the same overall
     performance as FREON-based dryers.

● Why do JT Dryers Cost Less?
They are far simpler than FREON based units
    and, therefore, less expensive to manufacture.

● What Size JT Dryer do I need?
The recommended sizes are shown in the Dryer
    product boxes above

● How Easy are They to Install?
Anyone with even modest mechanical skills can
   easily install one of these dryers.  They come
   with complete installation guide.  Just follow the

For 6 to 10 HP Two-Stage Air Compressors

Whites Energy Services - Over 60 JT Dryers in Day-to-day Operation

LOW COST Refrigerated Air Dryers

20 SCFM JT Series Refrigerated Air Dryer

JT-80 Dryer:    $997.00

JT-20 Dryer:     $389.00

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•  Low Cost
•  Freon Free
•  Easy Installation
•  Clean Dry Compressed Air Made Easy
•  Removes the Water from your Compressed Air Lines
•  Designed for 2-Stage Air Compressors
(How to tell)
•  No Filters or Desiccants to Change
•  Protects your Piping and Air Tools.
•  Zero Maintenance
•  Install It and Forget It
•  5 Year Limited Warranty
•  Lasts Up to 25 Years
•  Environmentally Friendly
•  Also Available on and

Add Automatic Drain+$69.00