• Costs less to buy and operate,
  • Has virtually nothing to break down,
  • Requires no refrigerants or filters,
  • and Provides a life span of up to 20 years

It all started with, “There has to be a better way.”

Like many great ideas, JT Series Air Dryers were created to find “a better way.” Back in the 90’s, Brian Elliott was outfitting a small shop for his engineering company, when he realized that the dryer for the compressor would cost almost as much as the compressor itself, and it would likely be replaced at least twice in the lifetime of the compressor. He knew there had to be a Better Way.

Well, Brian owned an engineering company, so he decided to design an air dryer himself - and the first generation of Air Options air dryers was born. By 2003, the JT Series Air Dryers had been developed and Patented. Since then, we have sold JT Dryers in all 50 states and 6 countries, and hopefully… we’ll sell one to You!

Rozanne Hill, Air Options, Inc.

Tomball Ford - Using JT Dryers in their Service Department
Victory CNC Plasma Systems - Recommends JT Dryers to protect their CNC Plasma Systems

for 2-Stage Compressors 3 - 30 HP    Easy Install - No Maintenance!

JT Series Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer

Thank you for reading our About Us page, we look forward to doing business with you!

TAMU Accelerator Physics Group - JT Dryer used in their High Field Magnet Program

Our Patented design uses expansion of the air stream (rather than refrigerants) to generate the cold temperatures that condense water out of the air. By eliminating the need for complex and costly refrigerant systems, we can offer an air dryer that:

Just a Few of our Valued Customers:

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Of course, he’s not the only one…

Rozanne Hill has worked with Brian since 1993 and at Air Options from its inception. She has a BS in Physics from Texas A&M and can talk quite knowledgeably about the JT Dryers if Brian isn’t available when you call.

Our Purpose

As comfortable in a shop as at a desk, Brian designed the JT dryers with compressor users themselves in mind - an air dryer that is:

     Easy to afford, easy to install, has nothing to replace… just install it and forget it.

Face it, despite being vital to most shops, compressors don’t always get the attention they need, much less the air dryers. Brian knew compressor users needed a dryer they could install and just know it would work for years to come. JT Dryers, do just that.

“But there has to be a catch, right?”

Well, sort of, our JT Series Air Dryers are for use with 2-Stage air compressors only. If you have a single-stage, screw compressor or any other type, sorry, JT dryers are not for you.

But… if you are one of the vast community of compressor owners with a 2-Stage compressor 30 HP or under, you’ve just found your next compressed air dryer.

Alta Brewing Company - Using JT Dryers throughout their Brewery

Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District - Using JT Dryers since 2010
Brian Elliott, Air Options, Inc.

Air Options, Inc. exists for one reason, we’ve found a better way to remove water from compressed air streams – and we want to share it with you.

JT Katz Midas - Dryers installed in 24 Katz Midas Shops since 2016
Compressed Air Operations Manual book.
Whites Energy Services - Over 60 JT Dryers in Day-to-day Operation
Compass Natural Gas - Uses JT Dryers for Systems and Trucks

How it works. The JT Refrigeration Process graphic.

Who is Brian Elliott?

Having gained experience through a series of positions that included designing Mass Spectrometers before starting his own company, Brian has almost 40 years of experience in design and manufacturing, with most of those years in the compressed air industry.

Talk to the guy who “wrote the book” on Compressed Air

As the designer of the JT Series Air Dryers, the author of The Compressed Air Operations Manual, published by McGraw-Hill, and with two US Patents for air dryers to date, Brian Elliott has become one of the foremost authorities on compressed air in the country.

And you can just pick up a phone and talk to him about our JT Dryers and your compressor system. Not sure if JT Dryers are right for you?

     Just call 713-721-9619. (M-Th, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm Central Time)

     Or, use the Contact Us  page to send an email.

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