Air Dryers

Item # JT-1540
Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer​

40 SCFM JT Series Dryer

For 6 HP to 10 HP
2-Stage Compressors

Item # JT-8512
Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer

120 SCFM JT Series Dryer

For 21 HP to 30 HP
2-Stage Compressors

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120 SCFM JT Series Dryer

$679.00 ea.

Options:  $99 Automatic ​Drain, $19 Mount Bracket


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WARRANTY: JT Series Refrigerated Air Dryers carry a 10 year limited warranty, the best warranty on the market. Our products are durable in the harshest environments and will provide you with many years of reliable service.

Air Options Family of JT Series Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers

Affordable, Effective Air Dryers for:

Automotive - Machine Shop - Fabrication - Plasma Cutting
CNC - Painting - Woodworking - Sandblasting - & MORE​

Item # JT-0625
Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer

25 SCFM JT Series Dryer

For2 HP to 5 HP
2-Stage Compressors

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JT Series
  Air Dryers

for 2-Stage Piston Air Compressors​ are the ideal choice for virtually all general purpose compressed air applications.

JT Dryers
remove water and water vapor the same way all refrigerated air dryers do, by cooling the air stream until it sheds any moisture it carries.

80 SCFM JT Series Dryer


Removes water from your Air Lines!


JT SERIES Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers

JT Series Refrigerated
Compressed Air Dryers:

SAME performance without the High ​Costs and Hassles!

  • Effective and Reliable,
  • Easy to install yourself,
  • Heavy Duty, all-steel construction,
  • NO Media to buy or replace,
  • NO Maintenance required,
  • 20 – 30 Year Life Span,
  • Air suitable for 98% of applications

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Ships 1 to 3 days from Receipt of Cleared Payment.

To Receive FREE Shipping

Ships 1 to 5 days from Receipt of Cleared Payment.


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25 SCFM JT Series Dryer

$1,381.00 ea.

Options:  $99 Automatic Drain, $23 Mount Bracket



for2-Stage Piston Compressorsup to30 HP

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Item # EAD-25

Automatic Electronic Drain
Drains water automatically at set intervals. Makes your dryer truly "hands-off!"​


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40 SCFM JT Series Dryer

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Compressed Air OperationsManual
The Definitive Book on Compressed Air operation and maintenance - written for the compressor user.

$99.00 ea.

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Shown Below: ​JT-40 Air Dryer

$997.00 ea.

Options:  $99 Automatic ​Drain, $21 Mount Bracket

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Step up to a Better way

to dry compressed air!

By expanding air instead of Freon, we eliminate the expensive, complex, bulky Freon cycle used in old-fashioned refrigerated air dryers.

Water Build-up is Costing You Money!

Whether you have a large air compressor, a small air compressor, an industrial air compressor or a home air compressor, if you have water in your air lines you need a compressed air dryer. Compressed air quality is too often overlooked when setting up a compression system and it is an oversight that can not only cost money, it can increase down time and reduce productivity. Even when a company tries to dry their compressed air, they often find that compressed air filtration is not just a matter of getting a cheap filter for water separation; having an air dryer can be costly and time-consuming. Before Air Options dryers became available, companies looking for a low cost dryer for their air compressor were disappointed to find that most units were not only expensive to purchase, but to costly to operate and maintain.

Air Options, Inc. has developed their line of refrigerated compressed air dryers specifically to avoid the expense and hassles associated with other dryer technologies. They use no moving parts, no electricity, and no CFC’s or desiccants, making them impervious to the harsh environments where most air compressors are forced to operate. They have the longest life expectancy and the longest warranty on the market and are virtually maintenance free, so you save money not only when you purchase one, but year after year.

JT Series Air Dryers - Clean, Dry Air at an Affordable Price!

Water Traps


$369.00 ea.

Options: $99 Automatic Drain, $19 Mount Bracket

  • Compressed air from compressor tank (150 to 175 PSI) is piped into the top port.

  • The output pressure of Master Regulator is set to desired shop pressure (Generally 90 - 120 PSI)

  • Air exiting the Master Regulator expands and becomes ice cold, which causes the moisture to condense out as a fog.

  • Condensed water and dry air flow through the consolidation element, which consolidates the water into larger drops.

  • Separated water falls into the trap and is periodically drained.

  • Clean, dry air leaves the dryer through the dry air output.


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Item # JT-4580
Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer

80 SCFM JT Series Dryer

For 11 HP to 20 HP
 2-Stage Compressors:​